Flora's Eternal    VIEW

Flora's Eternal   VIEW

These mixed media works combine paint, photographic imagery, ink, textiles and other media to create compositions that allude to the ephemeral nature of thought and process. They are captured moments; complete yet still in flux.

These works are the seeds for much of my current creation in the studio. They are unrefined yet complete. For me, they contain exciting possibilities for continued artistic experiments, investigation and play. 

   Aquifer    VIEW

Aquifer   VIEW

   Ghost Ship    VIEW

Ghost Ship   VIEW

   Sky    VIEW

Sky   VIEW

   Notes    VIEW

Notes   VIEW

   MOMA M.A.    VIEW


   Ghost Ship II    VIEW

Ghost Ship II   VIEW

   Our Colors    VIEW

Our Colors   VIEW

   Barge of RA    VIEW

Barge of RA   VIEW

  Elo 7     VIEW

Elo 7   VIEW

The originals are currently not available for purchase, yet high quality Giclées may be ordered. For more information, please contact me HERE.