Sacred Spaces,  '98intaglio and watercolor monoprint, 18" x  54"  SOLD

The pieces for this series were created by a complicated four plate method (2 tone, the perspective graph and the engraving / aquatint plate) to be successively printed and centered on handsome, heavyweight archival rag paper. The final products are 6" by 6" prints on 18" by 18" paper. They have a quiet, sublime feeling which is difficult to translate on screen. 

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Sacred Spaces II

Sacred Spaces V

Sacred Spaces VIII

Sacred Spaces III

Sacred Spaces VI

Sacred Spaces IX

Sacred Spaces IV

Sacred Spaces VII

Sacred Spaces X

Sacred Spaces XI

Many years ago I did some quick shorthand drawings of places where trees formed a ring, ellipse or triangle. These forms ecvlosed a space that is held, safe and protected. The drawings looked hieroglyphic and abstracted. I chose perspective lines and a square format – dividing Earth and Sky – to complete the symbolic language.